King Long Apolong transformed into a “Pilotless delivery vehicle”

Xiamen, 22 April 2020 – Since returning to work on February 18, every day from 11:00 to 12:00, a special “dining delivery man” will appear on time at the office building of King Long Bus. Employees can easily pickup the lunchboxes and enjoy the hot meal. This painstaking special delivery man is the King Long Apolong “Pilotless delivery vehicle”.

King Long Apolong's " Pilotless delivery vehicle " drives slowly from the canteen to all office areas
The employees receive the lunchboxes at fixed time in batches

How to summon this special “dining delivery man”? Employees only need to order via the online order page of King Long, and easily complete the order with one click. The company canteen will carry out the catering operation after receiving the order. The whole process of ordering and catering online greatly improves the convenience of ordering.

Complete the online order with one click
Clean distribution environment

King Long Apolong’s ”Pilotless delivery vehicle” inherits Apolong’s characteristics of large volume. A flat dining frame is installed in the car, with more than 400 delivery lunchboxes per trip. A single car can complete the delivery within one hour.

Realize the perfect distribution of meals in the office area
The car is equipped with ultraviolet disinfection lamp, which can strictly disinfect the car. At the same time, the car is completely closed during the driving, which can not only avoid contacting other pollution sources which adds a defense line for the safety and health of meal delivery, but also ensure that every box of meal delivered is steaming hot.
The fully enclosed large space of “Pilotless delivery vehicle”
Strictly disinfected in the whole process by ultraviolet disinfection lamp

The birth of King Long Apolong’s “Pilotless delivery vehicle” shows us the diversified application direction and possibility of King Long Apolong in the future.

Let’s look forward to the birth of more Apolong driverless vehicles, which will go to more communities, schools, hospitals and even external roads, bring real “autonomous” services to the public, and meet a better future together.